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Happy Pills
–– Something Indefinitely Good


Anxiety, Depression, Fun, Happiness & Work.

SOMETHING INDEFINITELY GOOD is the new album from established indie-rock band. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios is the band's most definite musical statement.


is a Polish alternative rock band. They started in 1993 in Poznan and Swarzędz. The original line-up comprised drummer Sławek Dominczak, bass player Jacek Kąkolewski and guitar player Mariusz Szypura. The latter two are still in the band. 


Happy Pills are often said to have been pioneers of alternative guitar music in Poland. They debuted with Soft in 1997. It was followed by Lo-Fi in 1998, Happy Pills Meet Schneider EP in 2000 and Smile in 2001. Each of their new album releases met with enthusiastic reviews, but sadly failed to convince the mass audience. The late 1990s in Poland were not a good time for bands who quoted as their inspiration The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Smashing Pumpkins or Dinosaur Jr. Too mainstream for the strong hc/punkrock scene, to noisy for the mainstream. When a breakthrough finally seemed on its way and they had been given the opportunity to perform overseas, their plane, bound for the US, was turned back. It was September 11, 2001. In 2012 the band played the last show in Poland and broke up. 


The split of the band has given rise to Mariusz Szypura’s solo project (Silver Rocket) and a cover band playing songs by the Pixies (Dixies).


In 2008 Happy Pills returned with a new line-up and brand new songs, releasing a new album titled Retrosexual for EMI Poland in 2010. The singles Beautiful Boys and Glory were regularly played by nationwide and local radio stations.

The band’s latest release is an Something Indefinitely Good from 2023. 

Remember, Recall, Life, Work, Sleep & Die.

Happy Pills
–– About Band

Happy Pills
–– Music

Our Fairytale,
Birthday Boy,
The Wheel,

Beautiful Boys...

Happy Pills
–– Video

Happy Pills – Our Fairytale
Happy Pills – Our Fairytale
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Happy Pills – Birthday Boy
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Happy Pills – Choco Cherry Pie
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Happy Pills – Cowboy
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Happy Pills – Something Indefinitely Good
Play Video
Happy Pills – Diamond Dreams
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Happy Pills – Withered Flowers
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Happy Pills – Sirens
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Happy Pills – My Final Invocation
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Happy Pills – In A Blink Of An Eye
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Happy Pills – Wrong
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Happy Pills – Another Rainy Story
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Happy Pills
–– Discography

Something Indefinitely Good, Soft, Lo-Fi,

17 Songs...

Happy Pills
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